Friday, November 30, 2012

We were on TV!!

We recently staged a home for an estate sale, which had been in the family since it was originally built in 1903.  We were honoured when OmniTV Ontario asked if we would do a a TV interview featuring Homestaging. ANd of course we said yes. OmniTV is a multi-cultural television network and this interview was aired on the Cantonese news segment.

Luckily, I was interviewed in English. LOL   What would I change about this....I would have smiled more and looked into the camera, but I was directed not to.

Hope you enjoy the news clip which was aired on November 27th, 2012.  What this home needed was to be aired out, completely repainted, wall to wall broadloom removed, and all the old tired furniture that was left over was removed & donated.  Our biggest problem was to remove the strong odour of nicotine and cigarette smoke as the original owners had been heavy smokers.   I feel that we succeeded brilliantly.

After the Homestaging was completed and the house listed, it sold in less than 7 days and for nearly $100,000.00 over asking. This made for a happy family, a happy real estate agent and a happy me.

Here is a short translation:
"The introduction goes something along the lines of, "Organizing/redecorating your home not only makes it look better, but actually increases the chance of a sale. Due to this, many sales reps in Toronto are working together with home designers"

ards it's almost exactly as you'd expect. They explain a bit about the importance of home staging, and the effect that has on people as soon as they walk through the door. Home designers will analyze the house to understand how to better organize it to increase the chance of a sale. Then they introduce you. Afterwards they show the house you were working with, and briefly outlined what you did such as the carpeting, and how the house was reorganized. 

The conclusion mentions that the house sold for over $900,000 after the home staging, as opposed to the original estimated value of $800,000s. Prettying the house doesn't necessarily mean full renovations but sometimes a quick makeover will help increase the house's selling points. A good product needs good packaging. "

You can also see photos on Facebook.

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