Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I still love my bedroom!

I recently received an email from former clients telling me how much they still enjoyed their "spa-like" master bedroom. One of the comments " I still get so much pleasure when I come into our master bedroom, even after 5 yrs! Thanks so much for creating our dream bedroom".

Several years ago, in 2007, I was working on a commercial project, renovating and adding an addition for the offices of a company that manufactures portable and prefab buildings.  The owner asked if I also did home designs and renovations. Of course I said yes!

His wife called and explained that they had not redecorated in 27 years and that they were really ready for a change.  As their business had grown and they got to travel a lot, they found that they loved the hotel rooms they were staying in and asked me to redesign the layout of the bedroom and bathroom and create the custom "lux hotel" look they were after. 

After many meetings, many changes, many drawings and hand done renderings, this photograph shows the final concept of what I came up with. I found the circle fabric in a clearance centre and it became the jumping off point from which I pulled the rest of the fabric and color inspiration.  A total of 5 different fabrics were used and I think the effect was fabulous. 

Despite all the patterns, the room is restful and welcoming, truly a refuge after a long day.

Who do you know who could use a change in their decor, please refer them to us. Our business has been built on our happy clients referrals. Plus, we get a real kick out of seeing our clients happy! ♥