Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stage 1 - Release us!- How to renovate a 1950's home.

Release us from this 1970s renovation...please!   That is what my newest clients have asked  me to do.  This is a backsplit home in northwest Toronto built nearly 50 yrs ago, in an enclave of mature trees. The clients bought the house 18yrs ago and haven't done anything to it since they bought it other than get some walls done in faux finishes. is what we're doing...we're designing & making the living room & dining room combo, more grown up. We'll be adding a gas fireplace, some custom built-ins for storage & display. In the hallway/foyer, we'll  be adding a closet for the hockey stuff. Right now, its all dumped in the living room.  Then we'll totally gut the kitchen & install new cabinets & give a fresh upscale country  feel with personality. Then we'll move on to the washrooms, the family room, the recreation/games room, the studio etc.
Check back regularly on my blog to see the progress as I will be posting pics as we go through all the stages of this home renovation.