Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Once upon a time....

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a lady wanted to get her bathroom redone. She called the contractor, who told her to call the cabinet maker, who told her to call an interior designer.

Yes, that's right!  When you are planning on redecorating, or renovating or redesigning, call your interior designer first! Your designer can then help you plan your new look and she/he can help you choose your fixtures, finishes and colour choices. She can help you set a budget, and help you and your contractor stick to that budget. When everything is planned out, a renovation becomes a pleasure.
Your contractor is happy, your cabinet maker is happy, your interior designer is happy and last but definitely not least, YOU WILL BE HAPPY!

This bathroom proposal is for two teenage boys, brothers who both wanted some red in their bathroom as an accent. We were all so pleased that they wanted the same thing.
 Mom & Dad are happy because the finishes are timeless and attractive without being too trendy.  In a few short years, when the boys leave to go to university, Mom wants to repaint the bathroom a softer shade of grey, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. A simple update, planned well ahead.

This bathroom remodel also has the number one request by Mom......A SELF-CLOSING and FLUSHING toilet!
What's not to love!! Wish I had had this when my sons were growing up.

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