Friday, May 7, 2010

Staged condo SOLD in 2 Days for $26,000. more than asking!

Last week I was hired to stage a condo that was about 30yrs old and was being placed on the market for the first time. This condo belonged to a new business acquaintance's mother. It was crowded and a little tired.

I had the condo repainted with fresh up-to-date colours, removed most of the existing furniture, rented a few pieces that we were missing, added some soft drapes, repaired the bathroom plumbing, replaced the sink & taps with new ones, and suggested that my client replace the old stove with a new one. Why, you may ask?  The answer is simply that the fridge & dishwasher were nearly new and were stainless steel, and here was this old yellow stove. My client is a very smart lady. She owns a successful business and... she hired me didn't she! So... she replaced the stove with a new stainless steel one.

The condo was placed on the market on Wednesday this week and today it was SOLD for $26,000.00 over asking!  Two days on the market, $3,500.00 to get the condo shipshape ready and her pay-off is an extra $26,000.00. Not a bad investment.

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You did a great job. You must have a good commission. Excellent!